Welcome to Type 1™

An Introduction

Wondering what WELCOME TO TYPE 1 is all about? Our introductory video captures some of the energy and emotion driving this project forward. See if you recognize anyone in this cast of characters who are proving every day that diabetes does not have to be a limitation.

Diabetes Chalk Talk

Welcome to Type 1™ and A Mile In My Shoes Productions bring you Diabetes Chalk Talk - online instruction for people new to type 1. Joe Solowiejczyk will explain and draw out all of the basics in this 5-part series.

Diabetes and the Family

Making it Work for Everyone

Parenting and type 1 - Nobody explains it better than Joe. We know of no one who hasn’t changed the way they think after they hear him speak. To ensure you get the context, humor, and big picture, we recommend you watch this video all at once or in long chunks. Luckily, with Joe, that’s easy. You’ll have trouble stopping the video once you get into it.

About Us

Via video and the web, we promote a proactive outlook and provide the important information needed by those newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Still got questions? Click here to learn more.

Our Question

We asked ourselves what is the best thing that could happen to a person newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? Maybe learning a proactive outlook on the condition? Or perhaps getting exposure to tons of helpful information and empowerment? How about making friends who have proven that type 1 diabetes can make you stronger?

Our Idea

WELCOME TO TYPE 1 is using the power of video and the web to provide these beneficial things for people with type 1 diabetes. In 2013 and 2014, the W2T1 team interviewed families and experts all over North America and the United Kingdom. In 2015 we’re excited to start sharing this new content with you on the website and through our social media channels.

Our Suggestion

To get a good idea of what this project is all about, watch the video introduction. There’s already lots more to see, however, and we recommend checking out the Profiles section to see a lot of positive and proactive people who are excited about Welcome to Type 1™. See what they have to say about the project in particular and about living well with type 1 diabetes more generally.

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Diabetes Chalk Talk

Welcome to Type 1 and Joe Solowiejczyk bring you Diabetes Chalk Talk: Online instruction for people new to type 1. Joe will explain and draw out all of the basics in the 5-part series.

The Basics

We’re creating several short video clips that provide answers to the most commonly asked questions by those newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, as well as to the questions they don’t yet know to ask. Our goal is to provide an accessible introduction to the science, technology and psychology necessary for thriving with the condition.


Wondering what life can be like with type 1 diabetes? These folks are doing amazing things and proving that with the right attitude it can actually make you stronger.

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